Pencil Me In; how I wore my jean pencil skirt

I have been spending a bunch of time at baby showers this spring and summer. Which is fun because I like babies and all, but it sometimes offers a bit of a conundrum as to what to wear.

You should look a little dressed up because it is a party after all, but it is still a casual affair that doesn’t require black tie or anything. We are just hanging in the basement, eating cake and opening presents.

jean pencil skirt

I put together this look after stumbling on the blog Putting Me Together via Pinterest. She had a post about a flouncy boho type top and how she usually wore it untucked. She went onto say how different it looked tucked in, and why hadn’t she thought of this before? I ask myself why hadn’t I thought of this before, because when I read her post I thought “I have a top like that!”

denim pencil skirt

And so a top that usually gets paired with skinny jeans or shorts and lived a brief life as a maternity top (it’s not one though) got a whole new look tucked into a denim pencil skirt.

denim pencil skirt

Outfit details: Top JCREW Factory (old), Ernest Sewn Pencil Skirt via Winners (old, but this is similar), Belt Gap (old), Wedge sandals JCREW (old but these are similar), Vintage Snakeskin clutch I Miss You Vintage.

Have you worn something a different way and it made you see it in a whole new light?

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Time to change your links & resubscribe

I hate to do this as I was building momentum here, but I have decided to upgrade this blog to a self hosted one.

I have a number of reasons, but the main one is that I use affiliate links in my outfit posts and collages. Since we aren’t supposed to on the platfo,  I feel that it is time for me to respect that.

Also moving to a self hosted blog allows me more flexibility and to do a few more cool things.

So I am moving this blog as of Wednesday evening to

Please update your links and sign up to follow via email or in your RSS reader.

I really appreciate all the follows and comments so I  hope this isn’t farewell, just see you around the corner!




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End of Summer Sales; buy now wear forever

I was window shopping online, like I do pretty much every day (I know it’s a problem) and I found some really great items that are all under $100 from Anthropologie.

Plus a number of these so-called summer items could be worn well past summer. Like that sparkly blazer – could totally work for Christmas parties.

anthropologie on sale

Shop the Post:

1. Embraced Sandals (last pair 8.5)

2. Cartonnier Foil Linen Blazer

3. Leifsdottir Mabli Heels

4. Leifsdottir Vesta Loafers

5. Mayumi Clutch

Have you been snapping up items at the end of season sales to get you through the rest of summer and winter vacations?

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Moths Love Club Monaco

I have been losing fighting a battle ever since we moved into our century home almost 3 years ago. You see we inherited moths from the previous owners. And they really like clothing from Club Monaco.

I don’t know if it is extra tasty or if is just extra available. But it seems to be that out of all the clothing in this house the articles of mine from Club Monaco seem to get holes more than the rest.

Don’t get me wrong. I have made some serious progress on the moth front and the fact that we have completed alot of renovations on this house has really helped to diminish their numbers. And yet today I still found a hole in my favourite blue striped scoop neck Club Monaco t-shirt.

moth damage

My Club Monaco t-shirt & a Cate & Levi stuffie that moths found tasty.

If you like me are dealing with moths in your home here are the things that I have found work to kill the little buggers diminish their numbers.

1. Use Moth Pheromone Traps; gone are the days of moth balls. They are really toxic and smelly. But the pheromone Moth Traps work great. And today’s casualty of war reminds me that I need to get a new one up.

2. Keep your home cool and dry; Moths love a warm and moist environment. Which is why you seem to see alot more of them in the summer months. The moth cycle actually slows down through the colder winter months which is why you might think they are gone for good. Trust me they aren’t.

3. Keep your home clean. Ok I am terrible at this one, but it makes sense. Moths don’t just lay eggs in clothing but in carpets and couches. So keep the dust and dirt down.

4. Lavender and Cedar Work; as long as they are really smelly. I have strong-smelling lavender soaps (thanks Mom!) in most of my drawers and it seems to work as a deterrant. Of course the drawer with my latest casualty (RIP) did not have a lavender soap. Cedar is great too but make sure it is fresh. You might have to sand it down or rub with Cedar Oil to keep its potency.

5. Keep off-season items, or clothing that isn’t being worn in Plastic; I learnt this the hard way, but keeping winter sweaters, knitted gloves and hats in a plastic tub or giant Ziploc bag keeps them safe over the months they are going unworn and lay idle in your closet. The last think you want when you go to wear them the first day of the next season is to have holes.

I have found that thin knits and soft cottons are the most likely to get “eaten”. Merino Wool and Cashmere are the most sought after but even Tencel and cotton have ended up with holes. The thicker the fabric the less likely to be affected.

The best way to deal with a holy item is to get it out of the house because you don’t know if there will be more eggs/larvae. But if you must keep the item and plan on repairing it make sure to kill the eggs. Putting the item in the freezer for a week can work but what I have found is that the offending item is often a repeat target.

Have you had to deal with Moths? Do you have any tricks?

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Beach Ready; Planning what to take on a summer beach vacation

I am planning our last full week up at the cottage this summer and I want to change how I pack. I often spend more time packing for the kids than I do for myself these days and it ends up with lackluster outfits.

boyfriend jeans cashmere sweater tee

This outfit is something that would be great for the cottage. Its easy and casual but still put together enough that I wouldn’t be embarassed seeing anyone I knew. Sure I might switch out the wedges for some flats but still its something I want to wear.

raffia fedora

My failure where it comes to packing is poor planning. I end up throwing a bunch of t-shirts and shorts in a bag and then wonder why I don’t have anything cute to wear when I get up to the cottage!

So this is my plan. Plan to bring three categories of outfits.

1. casual wear for walks, hikes or playing outside. Exercise gear is appropriate for this.

2. bathing suits and cover ups for the beach. Cute sundresses can double as a cover up.

3. Casual outfits that have more polish like the above. Jeans and sundresses would work here.

cashmere sweater club monaco

Or course I need a few pairs of shoes but I find that I can get y really easily with a pair of nice sandals  and a pair of running shoes for walks or outdoor activities.

The key this time around is really to make sure I pack outfits that aren’t just for going for a morning walk and that is it.

boyfriend jeans and fedoraOutfit details; Cashmere Sweater Tee & Raffia fedora Club Monaco (both on sale RIGHT NOW), Boyfriend Jeans AG, Wedge sandals JCREW (old, but love these in blue), Jewellery Vintage & Stella & Dot.

Do you always pack things you like to wear or do you panic pack like me?

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